Aug 14,2023

The main role of the stage lighting system is to provide appropriate lighting for the actors,

The stage lighting system is suitable for various types of stage performances, including concerts, drama, opera, dance performances, magic shows, etc. With the help of the stage lighting system, the actors can perform more clearly, and the audience can also enjoy a more vivid and rich performance effect. In addition, the stage lighting system can also be used for shooting movies and television plays, advertising, etc., to provide lighting and special effects for shooting.

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Jul 28,2022

Road lamp

Road Lamp (Street Light) Roads Are the Arteries of the City. The Main Lighting Is the Street Light, And the Street Light Is the Lighting Facility Set on the Road to Provide the Necessary Visibility for Vehicles and Pedestrians at Night. Street Lights Can Improve Traffic Conditions, Reduce Driver Fatigue, And Help Improve Road Capacity and Ensure Traffic Safety. Garden Lights, Landscape Lights and Street Lights Form a Three-Dimensional Lighting Mode, Enhance the Road Decoration Effect, Beautify the City Night Scene, And Also Make up for the Lack of Street Lights.

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Jan 10,2022

Stage lighting system industry knowledge

The stage lighting system is a lighting equipment system used for stage performances, which can be changed according to the performance needs to create different stage effects. The stage lighting system is composed of a variety of lamps, which can adjust the brightness, color, pattern and other parameters according to needs, so as to achieve the best stage performance.

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Nov 12,2021

Vivid interactive city light sculpture "Path of Light.

LandLAB and MonkMacKenzieArchitects are working together to convert an unused section of infrastructure into a bikeway facility at a motorway interchange in central Auckland - the 'Trail of Light', an interesting and sculptural bikeway facility. (TeAraIWhiti-Lightpath).

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